Global Leaders

Wireless Corp delivers leading radio communications solutions integral to the "mission critical" operations of an extensive portfolio of corporate, government department and public safety organizations world-wide.

Total Confidence

Our success is ultimately measured by the confidence we can deliver to your operations. Our range of solutions are meticulously screened, tested, designed and tailored to your mission objectives. So your workforce can spend less time thinking about the product and more time getting on with the mission.


Proven Process

Despite the complexity of our clients objectives, working in partnership with us is refreshingly simple. Our headquarters are located in Hong Kong, however our team of system builders touch all parts of the globe to work with you to deliver tailored solutions to your mission's local circumstances, on time and on budget.



X10DR®, MERLAN, GT/GTR Two Way Portable Radios, Two Way Radio Accessories, Rapid Deployment™ GTK Repeaters, PICO, and other Wireless Pacific products.